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Apex is a robust programming language used for building applications on the Salesforce platform, driving business processes, executing complex transaction control and more. Learn to code in Apex in the most engaging way possible, writing code and solving challenges at every stage, while taking full advantage of the unique features that Salesforce provides.

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Step-by-step guide to Apex

Start from the basics and become Apex proficient by the end.

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Combine learning with practice

Not just another Apex course. Solve 100+ challenges.


Today is the day – I am posting my whole text course for beginners in Salesforce Development here for free. We will cover all the topics that are missing from other resources out there in the internet.

Where is the course?

On the left side, you can find a list of all topics in the course. If you navigate to the main page, you can find all blog articles. Each article only uses topics that were already discussed in previous topics.


If you have questions, you can just email me ( If you spot any mistakes, I will fix them as soon as you notify me! I would appreciate it very much. If some of the topics are still unclear for you after reading, or you need more examples, just email me as well.

How to read this guide?

Very slow and trying every example out. I have included as many examples as possible in the guide, and you should try every piece of code on your own. After that, go and explore the links. They are there to give a new perspective for you to the discussed topics.


I assume that you have at least some understanding of the Salesforce platform. To follow the guide, you should have some understanding of flows, objects, records, and fields in Salesforce. The guide is best for Admins/Consultants with at least 6 months of experience or at least one certification.

The next start date is the 1st of August. The spots usually get booked quickly, so don’t hesitate to apply.
The sprint is a three-month course with the goal of teaching you the fundamentals of Apex and taking you from 0 to 1 in programming.Mentoring is a custom one-on-one program with a senior developer that will take you from 1 to 10 and help you gain real hands-on experience. The program consists of one large real-world project that you can put on your CV.
The three-month program, as the name suggests, lasts for three months.As for the mentoring program, on average, it takes 20 weeks full-time or 40 weeks part-time. However, there isn’t a set timeframe, as it depends on the student’s motivation, prior knowledge, and available time.
Our goal is to get you a job as a Salesforce Developer. Until then, we work on your soft and hard skills – prepare you for interviews, check your resume and, of course, teach you how to program.
We are experts in Salesforce industry. We only offer Salesforce Development courses, and therefore we can provide the best possible training. We are developers and we focus only on Development. We don’t offer Admin course and we never will.
We are well-connected with big, midsized and small companies. Therefore, we have companies reaching out to us for quality candidates. If you complete the course, our partners are more than happy to hire you. Currently, we only offer interviews in Germany.
We are accessible from all countries around the globe. However, since Cloud Prism was originally founded in Germany, we are best connected with German companies.
No, but if you have, it is a huge bonus because it shows your passion and willingness to learn.
Yes, during the first two weeks, you have the opportunity to decide if our course is right for you. We guarantee that if you solve all tasks, you will learn how to code. Otherwise, we will provide a 100% refund.
As a Salesforce Developer you’d be just like any other developer (e.g. Frontend or Java Developer). Salesforce uses JavaScript, CSS/HTML in the frontend and Java-like language “Apex” in the backend.As an admin you are still in the Tech industry, but you achieve digitalization of companies through no-code tools within Salesforce.
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