Lesson 5 Topic 7 – Switch Statements

Switch statements are simple – don’t use them as a beginner 🙂

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5 Mistakes of a Salesforce Developer

Hey everyone! I want to make your Salesforce developer journey easier. I teach coding, and I’ve seen lots of people […]

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SOQL in Apex

SOQL in Apex is Salesforce Object Query Language. What it actually means: Where can we write SOQL? For starters, we […]

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Loops in Apex

Loops in Apex are used to execute a piece of code multiple times. There are five types of loops in […]

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Lists in Apex

The topic of lists in Apex is highly bound to other concepts such as loops, SOQL, DML and triggers. We’ll […]

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If/Else in Apex

If you look at our Apex code, you’ll notice that it’s been quite linear so far. There’s always only one […]

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