Salesforce Development is in trouble

Salesforce Development is in trouble
Salesforce Development is in trouble

Do you want to learn Apex? Learn Java or Python first.” – Apex gurus

Salesforce Development is in trouble

And they are right! We just don’t have the awesome infrastructure around Salesforce Development that other industries have. We are in the Stone Age in comparison to Java or Python.

And before you have this thought – no, the trailhead is not nearly enough.

Here is what we are missing:

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If you look at the career of a typical developer, the path is quite similar for any programming language:

• Junior

• Middle

• Senior

• Team Lead / Architect

The problem that we face is that there are almost zero service providers that help developers at all stages. It should not necessarily be just one provider. In the best case, we should have multiple companies.

It’s just a standard for any other popular industry and is not present in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Green – services that exist.

Yellow – services that kind of exist, but lack variety.

Red – doesn’t exist at all.

Okay, it’s not that bad

Salesforce Development is not doomed, it’s an awesome career choice. It’s my personal career choice and in my opinion – the best possible choice. If it feels hard for you to learn Salesforce Development – it is because it’s indeed very difficult.

The goal of this blog – to make Salesforce Development a bit easier for you. See you in the next one!

P.S. Agree/Disagree? Write in comments!

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